How To Make Your Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Working At Optimal Performance

Posted on October 12, 2010
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Nowadays, laptops have been widely used among people. However, most consumers just don’t know how to keep their Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop battery working at optimal performance. Although laptop battery is consumption product, with the increase of use times, its capability to hold charge will gradually degrade. If close attention is paid to properly using batteries, even cheap replacement batteries can exceed original ones in performance.

When charging the Dell Inspiron 1525 battery for the first time, it is recommended to charge it overnight. After the charging process is complete, it is recommended to unplug the adapter and let computer run on battery. Sometimes, new batteries may be a little hard to be completely charged until they have been charged or discharged after several circles. When this happened, you may try to charge and discharge the battery for a few more times. Also, please don’t charge the battery intermittently. In other words, don’t plug and unplug the adapter in a short period of time.

Another major element in maintaining your dell laptop battery is temperature. When the battery is taken out, don’t expose it to high temperature environment. If you are working on your computer on a soft surface such as carpet or a bed, air is unable to pass through and you may hear the vents turn on and your fans will be running all day drawing precious power from the battery. If you want to squeeze the most juice out of your laptop’s battery, find a hard, flat surface to use your computer to keep the fans running at a minimum. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be preserved with 60%-80% charge. It is recommended to charge and discharge the battery at lease once a month to keep its chemical activity. The battery is made of precise electronic parts and cells. Avoid falling on the ground and heavy percussion.

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