My Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop Does Not Boot

Posted on October 13, 2010
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Some consumers may have the experience that their laptops could not successfully boot even the Type U4873 battery was installed and the adapter was plugged. There are many factors that may lead to such a problem. Let’s troubleshoot it one by one.

1. The AC Adapter

First, please make sure that the power outlet is in working condition and the adapter is properly connected. Some adapters also have indicator light which can show the power is on or off. Remove the AC adapter and some other external devices, including the battery. Then you may press the power slider or the power button for about 30 seconds to discharge the static charges that might have stored in the laptop. With the prolonged usage of the laptop, some static charges tend to stay in the notebook and these static charges do not allow the laptop to function normally. After that, you may connect the AC adapter and turn on the laptop. If the laptop does not turn on, please check the power LED of the laptop. If the LED does not turn on or there is no light coming out, then the problem is mostly with the A/C adapter.

2. The Battery

You may take out the AC adapter and some other external devices, and then remove the battery. Press the Power button for about 30 seconds to remove any static charges. Re-install the battery and turn on the laptop to see if it powers up. (Don’t connect the AC adapter now) If the laptop does not power up, the problem is probably with the battery. At this time, we may fix the problem by doing battery calibration according to the following steps:

a. Shut down your laptop.

b. Connect the AC adapter and completely charge the Dell inspiron 6000 battery.

c. Restart your laptop.

d. Press F8 key to boot into safe mode.

e. Disconnect the AC adapter and completely discharge your battery until the laptop turns off.

3. The Display

The laptop does not boot may also result from the fact that there is something wrong with your laptop display. So you may try to connect external display and see if you can get display on external display device. Sometimes the corrupted display drivers might be the cause for the problem of not getting the display on your laptop. You may fix the issue by updating or reinstalling the display drivers. Even check with the manufacturer website if there is any latest BIOS available for your notebook model. Close attention should be paid while updating the BIOS. If it is not updated properly or if you downgrade the BIOS, this will make your laptop to not work.

4. The Hard Disk

Sometimes the crashed disk can also be one of the reasons for laptop not boot.

5. System Files Corrupted

If the system files are corrupted, the laptop may not boot into windows. Then it is recommended to reinstall the operating system.

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