How Long Can A New Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Last?

Posted on October 27, 2010
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There are always some consumers asking how long on earth their new dell inspiron 1525 laptop batteries can last. Actually, this is really a difficult question to answer, because there are many factors that can affect the dell inspiron 1525 battery run-time. In other word, the laptop battery run-time mainly depends on the power demands required by the laptop components. For example, the display, the hard drive and related accessories which can result in extra power depletion. Besides, the laptop design and the hardware plugged also play an role in reducing the battery run-time. Usually, Laptops and other small electronic devices share smaller and lighter batteries and are rated by their Volts and Ampers or Miliamperes (1 Ampere or Ah is equivalent to 1000 Milliampere or mAh). To learn the run-time of a battery or its Watt-Hours, the Volts and Amps are multiplied by one another. Generally, the higher the volts the longer the Watt-Hours, but this can still vary depending on the Amps. To calculate your inspiron 1525 battery runtime, you may take look at the formula below.

 11.1 Volts, 6600 mAh (6.6 Amperes)

 11.1 x 6.6 = 73.26 Watt-Hours

 A 11.1 volt 6600 mAh laptop battery can provide approximately 73.26 watts for one hour. If you want to calculate how long your battery will last, you may directly divide the 73.26 Watt-Hours by your laptop’s watts. For example, if your laptop requires 21.2 watts per hour, your laptop will probably power for 3.46 hours. (73.26 battery watts/21.2 laptop watts = 3.46 hours of estimated runtime). Actually, this is just an formula and sometimes the run-time may vary depending on the components or any hardware running on the laptop.

 Your laptop watt hour information can usually found in the user manual. Please bear in mind that the watt information does not include the use the additional installed programs, hardware or software. If you open other additional software or hardware, no doubt the runtime of your dell laptop battery will be reduced. In addition, wifi, video streaming or play games will also use up the battery power very fast. If you do some simple office work such as Word or Excels, the run-time will probably last longer.

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