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Posted on November 19, 2010
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When buying a new laptop battery, consumers will always take battery capacity into consideration, because different capacity means different battery running time. Most of them know the capacity marked on battery surface such as 4400mah, 6600mah, 7200mah or even 8800mah (for example, you can easily find a dell inspiron 6000 battery in the market for the capacity of 4400mah or 6600mah), but maybe some of them do not know how many cells are there inside the battery.

At present, laptop batteries are generally divided into 4-cell, 6-cell, 9-cell, and 12-cell and so on. Usually 4-cell battery can last for about 2 hours, 6-cell battery can last for 3 hours, 9-cell battery can probably last for 4 hours, etc. However, it is hard to exactly tell you how long a battery can last, because it mainly depends on how you use the battery, as many factors may affect the battery running time. For ordinary home users, it is recommended to use the 4-cell battery, because a stable power supply is available at home. For office users, the 6-cell battery is definitely a good choice. For those who have high requirements of mobile work, they may consider buying a 9-cell or 12-cell battery.

There is also a formula to calculate how many cells are there inside a battery, provided you know the capacity and voltage.

Battery Capacity/2200mah or 2400mah * Battery Voltage/3.6v or 3.7v = Battery Cells

For example, your battery capacity is 8800mah and voltage is 11.1v, then you may calculate that it is a 12-cell battery.

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