Several Mistaken Ideas about Battery Maintenance

From the day when laptop was born, debate about the battery has never stopped, because laptop running time is considered as an important laptop technologic index, which is mainly determined by battery capacity. Then how to make battery work at its optimal performance? Here are several mistaken ideas about battery maintenance (for commonly used lithium-ion [...]

Recycling Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop Batteries

What will you do if your dell inspiron E1505 laptop battery has been used up? Maybe someone will simply throw it away as useless rubbish. In fact, many environmentalists all over the world are encouraging people to save the planet by not carelessly throwing their batteries away, especially the rechargeable ones. If your dell E1505 [...]

How To Make Your Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Working At Optimal Performance

Nowadays, laptops have been widely used among people. However, most consumers just don’t know how to keep their Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop battery working at optimal performance. Although laptop battery is consumption product, with the increase of use times, its capability to hold charge will gradually degrade. If close attention is paid to properly using [...]

Several Tips on Extending Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery Life

Install the new battery in your dell laptop and charge it to 100%, then completely discharge it. Re-charge it again to 100% to make the laptop remember how much electrical charge the battery can hold. From then on, you’ll never need to completely discharge the dell inspiron 6400 battery again, but always make sure when [...]

Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery Maintenance

Some laptop users do not pay attention to the way how they use their dell laptop batteries. After the trouble happens. they come to realize that they need to put another amount of money to buy a new battery. Although laptop battery is consumption merchandise, with the increase of use times, its capability to hold [...]

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